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What is PCYC?

The Federation of WA Police and Community Youth Centres (PCYC) is a non-profit organisation established in Western Australia in 1941. In partnership with the Western Australia Police, PCYC operate 10 centres within the Perth metropolitan area and 14 in regional and rural Western Australia, as well as 2 regional camps and 35 Blue Light Centres in W.A.

PCYC creates opportunities for young people in the community through the delivery of recreational and educational activities and programs. These programs are aimed at providing a safe environment for young people, including those at risk, to develop new skills, be engaged in meaningful activities and to reduce crime in the community.

Camp Mornington is owned by the Federation of WA PCYC.

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How does Camp Mornington fit into the Federation of WA PCYC’s structure?

Camp Mornington is one of the Federation’s 25 centres, however unlike most centres, it is managed by PCYC staff, not Police Officers. It offers a camp facility and activity base for school and community groups at comparable prices to government run camps like Woodman Point and Bickley and at considerably less than privately run camps. The main aim of Camp Mornington Is to challenge and engage participants, allowing them to explore their abilities, and to provide opportunities for personal growth and development, which complements the overall objectives of PCYC.

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What does Camp Mornington do and how does it benefit the Community?

Camp Mornington provides facilities to run a low-cost adventure camp, meaning it is accessible to most groups. The camp is used by a variety of clients, including school, church and community groups, sporting clubs, charity groups and corporate and government sectors.

Camp Mornington also caters for special needs groups, including youth at risk and people with physical disabilities and / or mental health issues, tailoring programs to meet their specific needs.

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Is Camp Mornington a government facility?

No, Camp Mornington is owned by the Federation of WA PCYC, which is an independent, not-for-profit organisation.

The Federation of PCYC does however have a long-standing alliance with WA Police that allows both parties to work together to assist youth at risk. This partnership allows Police to use PCYC centres to engage with local youth in order to reduce offences against or by them through the implementation of quality and relevant youth and crime prevention programs.

As Camp Mornington offers different services than traditional PCYC centres, it does not have a member of the WA Police Force situated at the camp.

One of the challenges of running a facility such as Mornington is finding the balance between trying to keep the camp low-cost and thus affordable and ensuring there is enough money in reserve to maintain facilities at an adequate level. Every aspect of the development of the facility must come directly from income derived from services delivered. This unfortunately leaves very little extra in the budget with which to make significant improvements and up-grades to buildings and facilities.

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How can I help?

Camp Mornington will gladly accept assistance in the way of donation of either:

  • Cash
  • In-kind support (examples include any unwanted furniture, entertainment or sporting equipment, maintenance equipment or machinery still in good working order, gifts of significant value that may be used for a raffle prize or auction item)

All donations (both cash and in-kind) are tax deductible and will assist towards maintenance of the facility, equipment, programs and activities.

Should you be interested in making a donation, please contact Tracey-Ann Davis, Camp Mornington Business Manager, during business hours. Contact details listed at the top of the page.

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How do we get to Camp Mornington?

Camp Mornington is located 7.2 km from the Southwest Highway, just past Harvey (when traveling from Perth).


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Do we need to bring bedding?

Yes. Camp Mornington supplies mattress protectors - campers must bring their own bedding (pillows, blankets/sleeping bags etc).

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What clothing/equipment do we need to bring?

We suggest that you dress suitably for the season. Remember that Camp Mornington is an adventure camp, so clothing may get dirty or damaged while you are participating in adventure activities. As winter can be quite cold, extra jumpers or coats are advised.

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Do we need to bring old shoes?

Yes. Shoes are to be worn everywhere while on camp at Camp Mornington, especially if campers are going to be using the dam - shoes must be worn in the dam. We request that you bring at least two pairs of shoes. No canvas shoes during activities.

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Does Camp Mornington have a swimming pool?

There is a pool situated at the Camp Mornington site. Adult supervisors must be present at all times and we require that all school and cadet groups follow the WA Education Department Policy on water based activities. If more than one group is staying at Camp Mornington, an arrangement may need to be made about pool usage between the groups.

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What are the free activities / facilities we have access to at Camp Mornington?

Activities available after hours or as a supplement to paid activities only are as follows:

  • Flying fox,
  • swimming pool,
  • gym (including sports equipment),
  • rope maze/grid maze,
  • walk trails,
  • tug’o’war,
  • 4-way tug’o’war,
  • table tennis,
  • pool table,
  • projector,
  • animal feeding,
  • sound system and
  • Karaoke

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Is heating provided in the dorms?

No. Wood fires are situated in the dining halls and activity rooms only. Due to the cost and also safety issues, electric heaters are not permitted in the dorms. The best solution is to "rug up" for winter camps – thermals are strongly encouraged.

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Is the facility air-conditioned?

Partly. As with the heating, the kitchen/dining halls are air-conditioned only.

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Will there be anyone else at the camp when we are there?

As Camp Mornington has two fully equipped, self-contained campsites, there may be another group staying at the other site. We request that groups stay within their campsite unless alternative arrangements have been made with management.

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Is there phone coverage at Camp Mornington?

Camp Mornington has a phone that can be used for reverse charge calls. There is no mobile phone coverage.

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Do you cater for disabled people?

Yes, our camps have wheelchair access to all buildings as well as disabled bathroom and toilet facilities.

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Does Camp Mornington have First Aid Kits?

Yes, all Camp Mornington instructors have Senior First Aid certificates and carry appropriate St. Johns approved First Aid Kits during all adventure activities. Groups should bring their own first aid kits for use in the periods between activities – a charge may be incurred for any first aid items that have to be purchased on behalf of the group or to replace Camp Mornington’s own supplies. Don’t forget to bring insect repellent.

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Does Camp Mornington have a multi media projector?

Yes, Camp Mornington has a ceiling-mounted multimedia projector installed in the activity hall at Camp Mornington. A remote control will be made available upon request from the supervisors only. There is a DVD/player with surround sound. Campers are invited to bring their own DVD's.

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Can people camp under the stars at Camp Mornington?

Campers using tents are most welcome. Contact us for pricing.

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Do you provide catering at Camp Mornington?

Yes, we provide high quality catering at very reasonable prices for all group sizes. Please see our current price list for further details.

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When do I have to confirm numbers for catering?

We need final numbers a minimum of 7 days prior to the commencement of your camp and your catering charges will be based on these numbers.

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Do you have a self-catering option?

Yes, however the pricing structure is different for catered vs self-catered camps. Please see our current price lists for further details.

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Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Special dietary requirements will be accommodated wherever it is possible and practical to do so. Please let us know at the time of booking of any special requirements you have.

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Are drinks available at Camp Mornington?

There are water coolers located at each campsite.

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What qualifications do your instructors hold?

All CAMP MORNINGTON Instructors hold current qualifications for the activities they conduct. Call or email our office for copies of these qualifications.

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Do your people have police clearances?

All Camp Mornington employees are cleared by State and Federal Police Services. Confidential declarations as required by the WA Department of Education and Cadets WA are available upon request.

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Do we need to supply adult supervisors for adventure activities?

For safety and insurance reasons, a Camp Mornington instructor must supervise most activities at Camp Mornington. All activities also require two adult supervisors. There are some exceptions to this policy. For more details, contact us.

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How fit do participants have to be for each activity?

To participate and enjoy all of the activities at Camp Mornington a basic level of fitness is required, although activities are tailored to suit everyone!

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Does the Camp Mornington insurance coverage meet the requirements of the WA Department of Education?

Yes. Call or email us for certificates of cover.

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Where’s the nearest hospital?

The nearest 24 hour hospital is Harvey District Hospital located on Hayward Street, 14.7 km from Camp Mornington.

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Are there any dangerous creatures at Camp Mornington?

Campers are asked to be aware that snakes have been spotted at Camp Mornington, particularly during the summer months.

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Why do enclosed shoes need to be worn at Camp Mornington?

Enclosed shoes are required to be worn at all times because of stray pieces of metal still in existence from when the property was a functioning saw mill. No canvas shoes during activities.

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Why do some activities require two Camp Mornington instructors and some only one?

For safety reasons, the activities that are more complex and high-risk require one instructor for every 10 participants. Other activities that are lower risk can run safety with only one Camp Mornington instructor per 20 people.

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If Camp Mornington provides instructors for all paid activities, why do we need to provide supervisors also?

Camp Mornington instructors are paid to run the activities, group supervisors are there to assist in the behavioral management of the group.

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When is payment due?

A deposit is required within 21 days of the dated invoice and will be charged at $550.00 or 10% of the overall cost of the camp (whichever is the greater). Final payment is due within 14 days of the completion of your camp.

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How can I pay my accounts?

We’re pleased to inform you that we now have a number of options for prompt payment of your bills.

Cheque: All cheques should be addressed to Camp Mornington and sent to the postal address listed at the top of this page.

Direct Transfer: Transfers via internet can be made into our bank account. Details are as follows;

Account #:
Federation of PCYC—Camp Mornington

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If I cancel my camp, will I receive a refund for my deposit?

A refund of your deposit, due to cancellation, will only be possible if we are notified at least 6 weeks prior to your camp. Camps that are cancelled with less than 6 weeks notice can either transfer their booking to another date, or forfeit their deposit.

Should a camp be cancelled with less than 3 weeks notice, the full cost of the cancelled camp will be incurred. You will be required to pay the full invoice amount, generated at the time of your booking, minus any deposit that has been paid.